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All attendees must wear facemasks at all times, and have proof of vaccination (with a booster if eligible). See the “COVID Regulations” section of this page for more info.
  • 4:00 pm – Venue opens
  • 5:30 pm – Melee Singles
  • 7:00 pm – Project + Singles

$5 venue fee (waived if you bring a full setup) Bring your own controller Show up at least 10 minutes before an event begins to register for it

Venue rules
  • Excessive behavior such as throwing a controller, kicking chairs, hitting a table/TV, etc. is not allowed and will result in a ban or other penalty. Food and drink must be placed AWAY from setups, PCs, and playmats at all times, on a nearby shelf or held onto.
  • Vaccination & proof is required for each attendee. See the “COVID Regulations” section of this page for more info. For players’ own health and for the safety of others, facemasks are required at all times. If you feel sick, stay home.
Event rules

All brackets are double elimination. Specific game rulesets are listed below. During tournament sets, changing a setup’s ruleset from the specified settings is not allowed, and may result in DQs or other penalty. Payout is split among the top placing players at the following rates ($5 minimum):

  • At <6 entrants, 2nd gets $6 back, with 1st taking the rest.
  • 6-8 entrants: 70/30
  • 9-15 entrants: 60/30/10
  • 16-23 entrants: 55/25/15/5
  • Top 6 payout at 24+ entrants. Top 8 payout at 48+ entrants.

Doubles bo5 starts at top 3 (winners finals, losers finals, grands). Singles bo5 starts at top 6 (winners semis, losers quarters). At 7 or less entrants even will be 4 round swiss pool style instead of double elimination.

Melee Ruleset

Standard rules (Link), with the following changes:

  • Stadium is a starter stage, and FD is a counterpick. Within the game launcher, the following settings must be configured:
  • Controller Fix: UCF
  • Convenience: Tournament
  • Lag Reduction: PD (Polling drift fix)
  • Frozen Stages: Stadium only
  • Gameplay: Both (LGL enabled + Wobbling disabled) In order to enforce the above settings, all Melee setups should use Slippi Nintendont (Wii) or MultiMod Launcher (Gamecube).
Project+ Ruleset

Standard rules (Link), with the following changes:

Starter stages: Castle Siege, Smashville, Battlefield, PS2, Delfino’s Secret

Counterpick stages (singles): Green Hill Zone, Fountain, Metal Cavern, Dream Land

Counterpick stages (doubles): Metal Cavern, Final Destination, Dream Land

Melee LGL rule: In the event of a game ending due to timeout, a player with more than 45 ledge grabs (per the results screen stats) will be treated as the loser for that game.

Pause to Hold may be enabled by any player at any time, if not already enabled. Any player who otherwise changes the default ruleset (timer, stagelist, ALC, etc.) may be subject to DQ or other penalty.

In best-of-5 1v1 sets, the winner may strike 2 stages + mDSR is in effect: for game 5 only, a player may go back to where game 1 was played (unless a stage strike is used for it). In Bo5 2v2 sets, only 1 stage strike is used with full DSR.

Tilt stick and attack stick are permitted.

All P+ setups must be running version 2.29 (optional: Wisconsin P+ build)

In order to attend Battle Brothers, attendees must have received a COVID vaccination and the booster shot, if applicable. Proof of vaccination is also required.

Participants who received the initial COVID shot(s) on or after October 1st, 2021 might not be eligible for a booster and therefore would not be required to have the booster shot. However, these attendees must have received their second shot 14 days or more prior to the event.

Attendees who have received the booster shot are immediately eligible to attend with proof of vaccination.

Attendees with noticeable odor will be asked to use hygiene products or leave. The store next door sells deodorant.

For contact/questions, feel free to join the Discord server linked on this page, message @WiscoPM on Twitter, or post in the Wisconsin Smash Bros Facebook group.

Hourly Schedule

Venue Opens
$5 Venue Fee (waived if you bring a game setup)
Melee Singles
$5 Entry
Project+ Singles
$5 Entry


May 17 2022


4:00 pm - 9:30 pm



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Battle Brothers Miniature Wargaming
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James 'JSP' Price

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