Blue Devil Smash Weekly

Welcome to Blue Devil Smash!

Blue Devil Smash is a UW Stout Campus local that takes place every Saturday that runs a variety of games, specifically Smash Bros. Our lineup changes weekly so if you’re looking forward to playing a certain game, check back every week! (you should still come anyways) Announcements for our events will be posted via our Discord Server:

Tournaments will be streamed at

Doors open at noon, and our weekly lineup is as follows:
  • 1pm: Dragonball: FighterZ
  • 2pm: Super Smash Bros Melee
  • 3pm: Smash Ultimate Sabotage Squad Strike
  • 6pm: Rivals of Aether

Signups for the respective tournaments are listed below. (all registration closes half an hour prior to the start of each respective event)

Smash Ultimate Ruleset (our main event!):
Character to be chosen before stage banning (Contact TO or trusted neutral player to perform a blind pick if needed)

Stage List

  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Battlefield
  • Small Battlefield
  • Smashville
  • Town and City
Counterpick Stages:
  • Final Destination
  • Kalos Pokemon League
  • Hollow Bastion
Game 1
  • Gentlemens to starter stage of choice allowed
  • Rock, Paper Scissors to begin stage striking
  • Winner bans one starter stage
  • Loser bans two starter stages
  • Winner picks from starting stages that remain
Game 2+
  • Previous game winner bans 3 stages off of total list
  • Previous game loser then chooses a stage from remaining 5 stages

This will be a double elimination tournament, per the usual SSBU standard. (our other main event: SSB Melee’s ruleset is listed on this page aswell)

Hourly Schedule

Doors Open
No Venue Fee
Dragonball: FighterZ
Melee Singles
Smash Ultimate Sabotage Squad Strike
Rivals of Aether


Mar 23 2024


12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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UW Stout Memorial Student Union


UW Stout Memorial Student Union
302 10th Ave E, Menomonie, WI 54751, USA