Invincible VI

Introducing INVINCIBLE VI; A Madison Smash Bros regional! Madison is excited and honored to bring large events back to our city and can’t wait to show the Midwest what Wisconsin can do.

Featuring $1000+ of pot bonuses for Melee, Ultimate and P+

Art direction presented by Obregon Design


  • Melee Singles/Doubles
  • P+ Singles/Doubles
  • Ultimate Singles/Doubles
  • 64 Singles
  • Rivals Singles
  • Nick All Star Brawl Singles
  • Smash Sisters Crew Battle


Registration Details

  • $20 early bird registration, 3/19 to 4/1
  • $25 normal registration, 4/1 to 6/27
  • $30 late registration, 6/27 to 7/16
  • $10 per event

You may enter 2 Singles events and 1 Doubles event MAXIMUM!

Check in is 30 minutes before the event start time. $5 setup refunds will be available at the END of the day!


Melee – MeleeEveryday

Ultimate -UGSGaming

Project+ – Shinecorp


The tournament will be held in Varsity Hall on the 2nd floor of Union South on the UW-Madison campus! With great food options downstairs and nearby, this venue is super convenient!


Interested in commentating at this event? Fill out the application here:


Contact Jason Dou or Jake Johnson with any event related questions!

Hope to see you there!